Stegastrip - 2 metre pack (4 x 50cm strips)

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Stegastrip anti climb spikes are highly effective security spikes for walls, fences, ledges and rooftops. The aggressive looking Stegastrip spikes appear to be made from wrought iron whereas they are actually manufactured from tough, weather-resistant, UV stabilised polypropylene plastic. 


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Keep unwelcome intruders, cats, dogs or other creatures - out of your garden with these rugged and versatile Stegastrip anti climb spikes.

The aggressive looking spikes act as an immediate visual climbing deterrent. They are cleverly designed to cause maximum discomfort but minimal harm making them ideal protection against both human and animal intruders.


Each strip of spikes is 50cm long (approximately 18 inches) with a base width of 5cm (around 2 inches) and a spike height of 6cm (approximately 2.4 inches). The versatile, flexible strips can be fixed to both straight, flat surfaces along with contoured surfaces such as curved gateways. This 2 metre pack consists of 4 x 50cm (18 inch) strips.

Stegastrip Installation

Stagastrip anti climb spikes can be easily installed by anyone with basic DIY skills and a few tools. Typically, strips are attached using screws via the pre-drilled fixing holes. But in situations where screws are not suitable the spiked strips can be firmly glued into position using an appropriate adhesive. Stegastrip is manufactured in the UK from strengthened, UV stabilised polypropylene which allows the strips to be cut to size using a sharp knife or fine toothed saw. 

Pack Contents

This 2 metre Stegastrip pack consists of 4 x 50cm strips which will cover a length of around 6.5 feet.

Size / Dimensions

Length:                  Each strip is 50cm long (half a metre - approx. 18 inches)
Base Width:           5cm (2 inches) with pre drilled fixing holes
Max Width:           13cm (5 inches) - spike tip to spike tip
Height:                  6.0cm (2.4 inches)

Our 2 metre Stegastrip pack consists of 4 Stegastrips which will cover a length of around 6.5 feet.

Safety – As for other forms of aggressive or spiked anti climb barriers, installing Stegastrip at a height below head height is not recommended.

Warning Signs – To satisfy the requirements of the Occupiers Liability Act and regional safety requirements - appropriate, high visibility warning signs should be displayed wherever Stegastrip is installed.  (Note: Warning signs are not normally required for domestic installations except in areas where Stegastrip is installed on a boundary wall, fence, gateway etc., bordering onto a public thoroughfare, or common, public land.)

The essence of legislation regarding anti climb barriers generally requires the presence of any potentially hazardous materials or obstacles to be clearly identified to persons (lawfully or unlawfully in the area) who may come into contact with them. The prominent presentation of appropriate warning signage fulfils these requirements.


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