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Vanguard Rotating Anti-climb Guard is a practical, effective and maintenance free, Anti-Climb System that’s easy to install and designed to deter thieves and vandals from gaining unauthorised access to your property.


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Vanguard Rotating Anti-climb Guard is a weatherproof, maintenance free, Anti Climb Spinner System that is both a practical “Physical” and “Visual” deterrent, designed to keep intruders out of your property or to deter climbers from gaining access to restricted areas.

It is typically used to prevent unauthorised access over walls, gates and fences or to other vulnerable areas such as flat roofs, vulnerable windows, etc. It can however also be configured to provide an effective anti-climb barrier for downpipes or poles such as lighting or CCTV camera support poles.

The system consists of “Tri-Wing” ripped aluminium vanes which thread onto a central shaft and rotate freely to form an unstable barrier, that in tests has proven very difficult to negotiate. The central shaft is supported at intervals by robust galvanised steel brackets which are bolted to the wall or fence supports.

The brackets are manufactured from heavy duty 40 x 8mm galvanised steels and are available in various styles to suit different types of application or installation location.

Unlike spike type systems, which could cause serious impalement injury to trespassers, the Vanguard Rotating Vanes are not pointed, although they do feature rough edges to deter anyone attempting to grab hold of them.

At 400mm in diameter, Vanguard is a relatively bulky but attractive and proven intruder deterrent system that is widely used across the UK (in fact we have supplied the system to customers in overseas locations from USA to Singapore and as far afield as Australia).

With no risk of causing life threatening impalement injury, Vanguard can be installed in locations where use of more aggressive systems would be unacceptable, …and providing you have installed the system in accordance with legal guideline and displayed appropriate warning signs you will have met your “Duty of Care” responsibilities as per the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, COSHH Regulations, Health & Safety at Work legislation, etc.

Whilst over recent years, the principle of the system has been copied, at Insight security, we only sell the original (and the best) system as the integrity of the system depends on the effective integration of all components and we have reservations about some of the compromises in the alternative systems.


Our Vanguard Rotating Anti-climb Guard system is priced per metre and sold in 2 metre lengths.

Each 2 metre Vanguard section comes complete with;
1 x 2 metre Central Shaft – 14 gauge extruded aluminium round tube
– BS1471:1986 (BS6082)

24 x Rotating, “Tri-Wing” ripped, extruded aluminium alloy Vanes
– which equates to 12 rotating vanes per metre (BS6082)

1 x Aluminium Joining Spigot offering a 125mm / 5″ long compression fit, which is significantly longer than the joining products supplied with alternative systems, such as plastic plugs which only offer a much shorter 25mm /1″ compression fit into each shaft.

1 x Set of shaft end security fixings (large galvanised washer, hex bolt and security shear-nut)

Note: Brackets are not included, as requirements will vary from installation to installation. So you’ll need to order your brackets and any other optional components separately.

FREE Bonus – we will include Free Large Warning Signs….


…Because legal compliance requires that warning signs must be clearly displayed where this product is installed, we will include a FREE Large “Anti Climb Warning Sign” with each 5 meter of Vanguard purchased (i.e. order 30 meter of Vanguard, and you’ll get 6 Large Warning Signs for FREE)


Note: …it is a legal requiement that warning signs be displayed so that a sign is clearly visible from any angle of approach to any structure fitted with anti-climb products. It is generally recommended that signs should be displayed at intervals of every 3 to 5 meter along a straight run of anti climb barrier, however additional signs may be required to meet the legal requirements in some more difficult locations.

Do you need Vanguard with a Colour Finish?

Vanguard is supplied as standard with a natural aluminium finish, but can be overpainted with any standard RAL colour if required – call us for details and prices


Quick Fit Shaft Collars and Joining Clamps could make your installation easier

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