Always Consider Children When Installing Fence Spikes

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Fence spikes and wall spikes are a popular way to add visible perimeter security that deters would be intruders. We’ve previously looked at legal requirements regarding the use of anti climb spikes. Occupiers liability legislation means that property owners and occupiers have a “duty of care” for anyone entering their property, regardless of whether they are legitimate visitors or unwanted intruders. This includes children, who may scale a perimeter simply to retrieve a ball.

12 Year Old Killed by Fence Spikes

A tragedy took place in June 2021 when 12 year old Harsh Thakor fell onto spikes which pierced his body and killed him. He had been playing cricket with friends in Thaltej (Ahmedabad, India) when their ball went into a temple premises. Harsh Thakor negotiated the long, spear-like security spikes on top of the gate to enter the grounds but on is way back out the boy slipped and spikes pierced his chest. He was rushed to nearby Zydus Hospital in a rickshaw where, sadly, doctors declared him dead.

6 Year Old Impaled on Spikes While Playing

In another incident a six year old school girl was impaled on metal fence spikes after she fell off the roof of a bin shed onto the metal spikes.

Lilly McDaid suffered horrific injuries in the accident but managed to free herself from the railings and reach her sister’s house where she collapsed. She need many hours of surgery and had to be fitted with a stoma bag due to injuries to her bowel.

Children will be Children

These reports highlight the need for care and consideration whenever installing perimeter security devices. Both of these reports also highlight the fact that there are many legacy designs of spiked perimeter fencing that are still in use.

Property owners and occupiers need to consider the possibility that children may, for a variety of innocent reasons, want to climb their walls, gates and fences - possibly to do nothing more than retrieve a ball.

And its not just the fences, walls and gates that need to be considered. Lilly McDaid was playing on the low roof of a bin shed, adjacent to some low, spiked railings. She fell backwards from the bin store roof onto these spikes causing significant injury.

Non-Aggressive Anti Climb Protection is the Answer

The safe way to prevent climbing and protect perimeters  is our entirely non-aggressive Roller Barrier anti climb solution.

roller barrier protects kids play area
Roller Barrier Safely Protecting Childs Play Area

If you look at some of the case study posts on this site you can see how the versatile Roller Barrier system is now widely used in many situations where spiked barriers would be entirely unsuitable.

Many schools, for example, now use Roller Barrier to prevent students from climbing onto flat rooftops, from scaling gates and fences and to protect equipment housings.

Prisons, young offenders institutions and psychiatric hospitals are also widely using Roller Barrier both inside and outside. Safely preventing people from climbing on anything they shouldn’t.

Most importantly, there is absolutely zero possibility that a child, or any other person, would suffer horrific injury and possibly death if they fell onto the safe Roller Barrier system.