Fence Spikes & Wall Spikes

Plastic Spikes
If you are aiming to protect your yard or garden by installing security spikes on your fences or walls, our plastic Prikla and Stegastrip spikes are ideal for you. They actively discourage climbing, deterring intruders - both human and animal. In fact, they are frequently used to deter foxes, cats and other garden invaders.
Metal Spikes
Our metal options are usually used on the tops of walls or added to building fascias.  Metal anti climb spikes can also be welded onto metal gates and fences too.
Aggressive Wall Spikes
If you are looking to secure a commercial site, you may prefer a more aggressive measure (sometimes known as viper spikes), such as our Razorspike or Razorpoint spike options.  It is important that these spikes do not accidentally come into contact with the public, so please be careful when placing them and always consider using appropriate warning signage.
Please note: Anti-Climb spikes are, by their very nature, hazardous and dangerous. Restrictions apply as to their installation.  Please either see the product detail page or speak to us for more information.

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