How To Order Roller Barrier

To Order Roller Barrier or to get a no obligation quote, contact our expert team:

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We will guide you on exactly what type of Roller Barrier you need and installation

You do not need to have any knowledge of security products, rest assured we will help you with every aspect of your needs.

You just need to tell us:

What kind of setting Roller Barrier is needed on

What kind of area for example walls, fences, buildings or low levels

Who you need to protect or keep out

Would you like us to install it or install yourself

How many meter of area you require to protect

Do you require the aesthetics needs to be matched

Do you have any photos or measurements we can look at – most installs we can ascertain what is needed from your photos and measurements.

Large installs or more specialist installations may require a site visit. We are the experts and can help you regardless of your level of experience with security products.

We will tell you at the point of order a timescale for delivery and or install.

Roller Barrier is already the preferred anti-climb system as specified by many UK schools. Secure medical facilities, homes for autism, drug rehab centres and other organisations where potential climbers may have impaired judgement also stand to benefit from Roller Barrier.

So enjoy peace of mind.

Protect your premises with Roller Barrier.

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