Roller Barrier Applications

Take a look at our Roller Barrier applications to see the versatility of this non aggressive anti-climb solution.

Flat Roofs

Flat Roofs seem to be a magnet for children as well as vandals, burglars and other undesirables.

This typical Roller Barrier applications offer a simple way to stop unauthorised access, and as it can be Top or Face Fixed, it’s easy to install it in a way that avoids damage the delicate roof membrane which could lead to a leaky roof!

Schools and Childrens Centres

Roller Barrier installed along the fence and gate top helps  prevent access to the site after hours, while the Roller Barrier installations above the canopy supports prevent children from using them as climbing bars.

The installation of Roller Barrier around the flat roof prevents access to the flat roof and subsequently to the first-floor windows of the building.

Shopping & Retail Premises

When Tesco Stores needed a non-aggressive, but effective solution to protect against intruders, Roller Barrier was the natural choice.

Prisons and Young Offenders Institutions

Installed at key points around a Young Offenders institution, Roller Barrier is shown here installed to prevent the inmates from gaining access to low roofs.

The system is also used to prevent inmates at care homes for the mentally handicapped, etc. from climbing onto roofs or scaling fences, where the use of a more aggressive or spiked anti-climb barrier would present a serious risk of injury.

Trackside & Gated Railway Crossing

Used to deter unauthorised access to railway tracks, Roller Barrier is shown here in use at a gated crossing.

The specification from the rail operator required the system to be green colour matched to the existing palisade fencing.

Community Centre and Youth Club

The versatile Roller Barrier system is shown here installed to follow the unusual contoured roofline of a London community centre,

...the roof of which had previously been plagued by vandalism and damage from climbing children and youths is now a protected area.

Hospitals & Mental Care Facilities

Installed to stop special needs patients from scaling fences and gates at this facility…

Roller Barrier was chosen because of its non-threatening, non-confrontational looks and its proven performance in similar environments.

Public Parks and Walled Gardens

Blending in with parkland surroundings, the green Roller Barrier applications is an easy retro-fit to existing walls or fences.

Available in Black or Green from stock, Roller Barrier cups can also be manufactured in a wide range of other standard RAL colours.