While Single Row Roller Barrier is sufficient for most walls and normal height applications, if you have an area that needs higher security or a barrier with some extra height, the Double Roller Barrier lends itself perfectly to this kind of application.

Suitable for use on both fences, gate and walls the extra height gained by using a Double Row prevents access from either side making it ideal for use in both educational and healthcare settings.

How Does the Double ROLLER BARRIER Work?

The basic concept of the system is simple, the Roller Cups are designed to be too large to get a hand grip on. The cups are threaded onto a central spindle and rotate independently to form an unstable barrier, making it very difficult to climb.

The system is widely specified in the UK as the "Preferred - Anti-climb System" for use in and around schools or other areas where children congregate.

Double Roller Barrier was recently used in a temporary housing hostel in London which had apartments and open spaces on the 6th floor, this meant families with children could not be housed there due to the risk of inquisitive climbers falling from the edge. With cranked brackets being pointed inwards and fixed to the face of the wall, it not only made access to the top of the wall impossible, it means that any attempts to jump up were thwarted in a non-aggressive manner.

Why Choose

As well as giving height to an area, cranked brackets can also be used giving the barrier more of an angle and extra width as well, meaning it can be used in places like rooftop areas to prevent access to the tops of walls that have a steep drop on the other side.

Developed to provide a SAFE but EFFECTIVE barrier to stop unauthorised persons from gaining access to flat roofs, or to premises or grounds by climbing over fences or gates. When installed above a gate for instance, the spinning cups also offer a brilliant way to protect alleyways.

The unique, independently rotating cups, collectively offer an unstable barrier for any would-be intruder to negotiate, and consequently a more effective barrier than the older style rolling long tube type systems.



Double Row of Rollers

Independent Rotating Cup

115mm Cup Diameter

Recycled Polycarbonate

UV Stablised

Self Extinguishing


Increased Protection

Effective and Attractive

Easy Installation

Maintenance Free

Virtually Unbreakable *

No Risk of Impalemant

* The Cups are made from polycarbonate and are virtually unbreakable - they have been put to the sledgehammer test!

How to Install Double ROLLER BARRIER

Double Roller Barrier consists of a series of independently rotating cups mounted on a central shaft (extruded aluminium tube) and supported at 2 metre intervals with suitable brackets. Shaft lengths can be quickly and easily joined together using a joining spigot, to form longer runs (or cut to shorter lengths if required).

The range of standard brackets available from stock, will allow the system to be easily installed on most types of walls, fences, gates, roofs or building fascia’s, however where required, bespoke brackets can be manufactured for those odd environments where the standard brackets would not be suitable.

How to Order

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