When an aesthetically pleasing anti-climb solution was required for a prestigious apartment building, Roller Barrier was the perfect choice. The client’s concern was the easy climbing opportunity offered by the attractive gates to their property and that would-be intruders would use the ornate ironwork to gain a foot or handhold and climb into the courtyard.

The client was so pleased with the finished Roller Barrier installation, which utilised discrete fence top brackets they decided to see how many other of their sites would benefit from its use. A perfect showcase of how Roller Barrier can be blended into it's sourroundings and provided added security to propery and people.

High Security Psychiatric Hospital, Ireland - Bespoke

We were approached by a high-security psychiatric hospital that had recently had an inspection that recommended they needed to increase the level of security of their roof fascia, it was noted that there was a possibility that they could be used by the service users to escape.

The standard Double Row Roller Barrier would normally have worked well in this situation, however, due to it being a high-security unit, it meant the long run of the barrier could also have been used as a ligature point to aid the service users to harm themselves. With this in mind, we had to design a solution that was not only aesthetically pleasing and discreet but also meant any materials thrown over the barrier had no-where to drop to form a loop.

Having looked back at previous healthcare installations we had completed, we decided that the best solution would be to manufacture specially angled trays that fit on to the brackets supporting the barrier; they would then act as a mechanism to catch anything thrown over the barrier that could be used as a ligature. This solution coupled with conical caps for the end of the barrier made the whole overall installation free of ligature points.

The installation was completed over a 2 week period by the Insight Install Team, once completed the barrier not only blends with the roofline to be unobtrusive but more importantly, keeps the service users safe and secure in the unit and prevents them from using it to hurt themselves.

Roller Barrier in Wymondham Library - Norfolk

Wymondham Library in Norfolk is an attractive, award winning modern building, which opened in November 2008. Having invested some £1.65 million in its construction, naturally there was more than a little concern when it was found that the flat roof areas were being accessed by youths and were being used as a skateboard park!

An effective solution was required to stop unauthorised access to the flat roofs, but one which would not detract from the aesthetic appeal of the new building

   ...the solution chosen was the Non Aggressive "Roller Barrier" anti climb system from Insight Security.

Already widely specified by Local Authorities across the UK as the anti climb system of choice for use in and around schools and other areas where children congregate, the non aggressive nature of Roller Barrier, combined with its aesthetic appearance, also made it the natural choice for this application.

The images below show how the roller barrier in Wymondham Library was fitted along the roofline of the building to blend in with the natural timber cladding.

Roller Barrier in Psychiatric Centre, USA

When a safe and secure anti-climb solution was required for Philadelphia in the USA, Roller Barrier in Psychiatric Centre was the natural choice.

With no aggressive spikes for would be climbers to impale themselves on, Roller Barrier in Psychiatric Centre is the preferred anti-climb system of choice for use in sensitive locations, where the would be climbers may not fully appreciate the risks invoved in trying to negotiate their way over a spike based anti climb barrier.

Developed in the UK, Roller Barrier is designed to withstand extremes of weather, delivering a long operational life.

The basic concept of the system is simple, the Roller Cups are designed to be too large to get a handgrip on. The cups are threaded onto a central spindle and rotate independently to form an unstable barrier, making it very difficult to climb.

Roller Barrier in Young Offender Institute, Canada

This Young Offender facility in Canada wanted an anti-climb device that was effective, but didn`t look threatening. Roller Barrier in Young Offender Institute was so successful that they came back for more.