Safe Anti Climb Solution for USA Psychiatric Centre

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

When a safe and secure anti-climb solution was required for a Philadelphia Psychiatric Centre in the USA, Roller Barrier was the natural choice.

With no aggressive spikes for would be climbers to impale themselves on, Roller Barrier is the preferred anti-climb system of choice for use in sensitive locations such as this Psychiatric Centre where patients may not fully appreciate the risks involved in trying to negotiate their way over an aggressive, spike based anti climb barrier.

Developed in the UK, Roller Barrier is designed to withstand extremes of weather, delivering a long operational life.

The basic concept of the system is simple, the Roller Cups are designed to be too large to get a handgrip on. The cups are threaded onto a central spindle and rotate independently to form an unstable barrier, making it very difficult to climb. And as shown in the image below, Roller Barrier, installed along the perimeter fence, is unobtrusive and doesn't look threatening which is ideal for situations like this.

Roller Barrier at Belmont Psychiatric Centre Philadelphia USA

Roller Barrier is manufactured in the UK by Insight Security.