Safer than
Anti-Climb Spikes

There are no dangerous spikes onto which climbers could fall and impale themselves.



Quick and easy installation coupled with competitive component prices.



Installation is quick, safe and easy by any qualified builder, fence installer or competent handyman.

Why Choose Roller Barrier?

Did you know that if an intruder injured themselves while climbing over anti climb system spikes fixed to your walls, or fences, you could find yourself being prosecuted?

Developed to provide a SAFE but EFFECTIVE solution to stop unauthorised persons from climbing over gates & fences to gain access to flat roofs, premises or grounds. When installed above a gate for instance, the spinning cups also offer a brilliant way to protect alleyways.

Find Your Perfect ROLLER BARRIER Solution

We manufacture ROLLER BARRIER In 3 configurations to cover all the applications that might be needed.

The non-aggressive anti-climb system of choice.

For areas that needs higher security or some extra height.

Lower level application that prevents higher level access.

Companies We Work With

How to Order

Order ROLLER BARRIER from us directly. We offer advice on finding the right solution for your installation. We can also conduct site surveys where applicable.

Call One of Our Friendly Helpline Team Today on: 01273 475 500

Why Our Clients Work With Us

“The items i ordered were well packed, they arrived in good time what more can you say. Excellent service.”


“Chris Hammond was helpful and friendly, he saved us money by pointing out a cheaper option for the equipment we needed and it was delivered the next morning. Great customer service. We will recommend your company and use you again if we need anything.”


“very helpful great to to buisness with 10 out of 10”


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know what type of Roller Barrier I need?

You simply need to call us and we will guide you on exactly what type of Roller Barrier you need and installation, you do not need to have any knowledge on security products, rest assured we will help you it every aspect of your needs,

Q. What information do I need to provide for a quote?
  • What kind of setting Roller Barrier is needed on?
  • What kind of area for example walls, fences, buildings or low levels?
  • Who you need to protect or keep out
  • Would you like us to install it or install yourself
  • How many meters of area you require to protect?
  • Do you require the aesthetics needs to be matched?
  • Do you have any photos or measurements we can look at?
Q. Do you need a site visit?
Most installs we can ascertain what is needed from your photos and measurements.
Large installs or more specialist installations may require a site visit. We are the experts and can help you regardless of your level of experience with security products
Q. From ordering how long will it take for delivery and or install?

We will tell you at the point of order a timescale for delivery and or install.

Q. Does Roller Barrier need maintaining?

No, once installed it is maintenance free.

Q. What are the delivery costs and timescale?

At the time of ordering we will calculate delivery cost, timescale and method for delivery. This depends on the amount needed and distance, we strive to deliver in the quickest most economical way for your individual order.