Often there are areas that need protection from climbers that are at a lower level. As these areas may also come into contact with everyday people going about their daily routine, they need to be safe from any casual contact that may occur, which means the use of metal spikes or barbs is out of the question. Any kind of barrier installed at this level not only needs to be aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing, it needs to be effective and non-aggressive; which makes the Trigard Roller System an ideal choice for many low-level applications.


The barrier is made up of cross-shaped brackets spaced at 1m intervals, with 3 separate rows of Roller Barrier running through them. This makes it difficult to sit or stand or climb on the barrier, as the rollers create a wide and unstable surface that is also difficult to get under due to the low-level setting of the rollers.

Why Choose the

Trigard Roller System lends itself ideally for use in schools or public spaces to prevent access to higher areas that would cause injury if a person were to fall, it is ideal for retrofitting or for the inclusion of anti-climb measures on new buildings in the design phase.

The unique, independently rotating cups, collectively offer an unstable barrier for any would-be intruder to negotiate, and consequently a more effective barrier than the older style rolling long tube type systems.



3 Rows of Cups

Independent Rotating Cup

115mm Cup Diameter

Recycled Polycarbonate

UV Stablised

Self Extinguishing


Low Level Solution

Effective & Attractive

Easy Installation

Maintenance Free

Virtually Unbreakable *

No Risk of Impalemant

* The Cups are made from polycarbonate and are virtually unbreakable - they have been put to the sledgehammer test!


The TRIGARD ROLLER SYSTEM is a series of independently rotating cups mounted on a central shaft (extruded aluminium tube) and supported at 1 metre intervals with the triple row Trigard brackets. Shaft lengths can be quickly and easily joined together using a joining spigot, to form longer runs (or cut to shorter lengths if required).

The Trigard bracket, will allow the system to be easily installed on most types of walls or fences. However where required, bespoke brackets can be manufactured for those environments where the standard Trigard brackets would not be suitable.

How to Order

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