Bespoke Roller Barrier at High Security Psychiatric Hospital in Ireland

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

When a high security psychiatric hospital in Ireland failed a security inspection, they came to us to explore possible solutions to prevent their service users escaping the facility and keep everybody safe.

Our initial thoughts were to install a Double Row Roller Barrier, but we soon discovered that this could be used by patients to cause themselves harm. We needed to design a solution to both suit the discreet aesthetics of the building, and ensure there is no way that it could be used for other harmful purposes.

We looked back over other similar installations, and decided on using an angled tray to support the barrier; which would prevent any materials being thrown over forming a loop to create a ligature. We added conical caps as an added security feature at each end of the barrier, to prevent further ligature points.

Roller Barrier installed at psychiatric hospital in Ireland.

The complete installation took only 2 weeks, and was completed by the Insight Install Team. The result was an aesthetically pleasing, fully safe and robust security system that preventing service users from causing themselves harm.

Roller Barrier is manufactured in the UK by Insight Security.

 Ireland Roller Barrier Psychiatric Hospital


Ireland Hospital with Roller Barrier Installed