Anti Climb Spikes – Prikla45 (10 pack + Free Warning Sign)

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Product code: PS PRKLAH45

Prikla Anti Climb Spikes deter unwelcome human & animal intruders from climbing into your garden without the risk of harming them. Prikla anti climb spikes are a highly effective wall topper or fence topper that prevents unwanted visitors from gaining entry to your property.


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Keep unwelcome intruders, cats, dogs or other creatures - out of your garden with these rugged and versatile, simple to install fence top plastic security spikes.

Prikla45 Strips are designed to cause maximum discomfort with minimum harm. Our new and improved Prikla45 Strips feature a clever hinged design, which makes them incredibly versatile allowing the strips to be adapted to fit contoured surfaces on walls, fences and gates.

Size / Colour Choice
Each strip measures 450 x 45mm with 15mm high spikes and the strips are available from stock in silver grey.

Pre-formed fixing holes along the length of each strip allow easy screw fixing into place (the preferred fixing option), however where screw fixing or nailing is not possible, strips can as an alternatively be installed using a suitable adhesive.

Manufactured from robust, weatherproof, polypropylene, these versatile anti climb strips can be stuck in position, but you will need to choose an adhesive suitable for use with both polypropylene and the material of the surface to which the strips are to be stuck. Pink Grip adhesive is widely used in the building trade for bonding many types of building materials together and may be suitable for your application, however it is unsuitable for use on some types of surface (i.e. asphalt covered flat roofs).

Pack Contents
This Super Value 10 pack  covers 4.5 linear meterwhen the strips are installed end to end

FREE Warning Sign included with this pack

Safety – For safety reasons the installation of Prikla Strip at a height lower than head height is not recommended.

Warning Signs – To satisfy the requirements of the Occupiers Liability Act, appropriate, high visability warning signs should be displayed wherever Prikla Strip is installed (note: warning signs are not normally required for domestic installations except for areas where Prikla is installed on a boundary wall or fence that borders onto a public thoroughfare, or common, public land.

The essence of the legislation requires the presence of any potentially hazardous materials or obstacles to be clearly identified to persons (lawfully or unlawfully in the area) who may come into contact with them, which is why we believe that our 150 x 100mm high visability, black and yellow warning sign is of the minimum size and promenance required to meet your statutory obligations.

Note: For domestic locations, most customers choose our discrete mini warning sign (product code; PS WSAINT), which measures just; 85 x 55mm and features black text on a white plastic background.


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