Anti Climb Deterrents Really Work - Here's Why

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

We know there are strong opinions on whether investing in anti climb deterrents and protection is a good idea. Some people think that if an intruder is determined to gain access to a property they will succeed - regardless of any protection that’s installed. But this is a fallacy.

High Security Locations

Take a look at the perimeters of an property where high security is essential such as prisons, MOD sites, quarries and many others. You will see high fences and walls, often topped with aggressive razor wire. They often have CCTV monitoring systems and employ gatekeeper personnel to ensure only those permitted to enter gain access to these sites.

While these levels of security protection are way beyond the needs of small businesses and domestic premises they clearly demonstrate a recognition of the benefits provided by anti-climb and anti-intruder protection.

rotating anti climb spikes

Burglary Deterrence

One of the primary reasons for considering anti climb protection is to deter and prevent burglaries. Property protection starts at the perimeter which is where high-visibility anti climb deterrence really works.

Anti climb spikes, anti climb paint and our non-aggressive anti climb Roller Barrier system all play an important role in not only keeping burglars out but also deterring them from even attempting to gain access.

Visible anti climb barriers, along with appropriate signage, tells would-be burglars that the property is cared for and security is taken seriously. Many experienced burglars have stated that they would immediately move on to find an easier target if they encounter anti-climb protection and property security measures in place.

Anti Vandal Protection

Anti climb protection and deterrence isn’t always about keeping burglars at bay. Many properties suffer from unwanted intruders and climbers. Youngsters sometimes like to scale walls and climb onto rooftops simply for the thrill. And there have been many cases in which Parkour enthusiasts have climbed onto rooftops in order to run, jump and vault over rooftop terrains.

Some of these unwanted intruders purposely engage in mindless vandalism while others can inadvertently cause damage and possibly harm themselves. Young people engaging in Parkour on the rooftops of commercial buildings are known to have caused significant damage resulting in water ingress which then causes further expensive repair issues.

Anti climb deterrents prevent vandals and others from climbing where they are not welcome. This not only protects property from damage but it also helps ensure intruders don’t harm themselves.

How Anti Climb Barriers Work

There are many forms of anti climb protection including:

  • Anti climb paint
  • Roller Barrier
  • Plastic anti climb spikes
  • Metal anti climb spikes
  • Anti climb fencing

Anti climb paint is a highly effective barrier that prevents people from climbing any surfaces where its applied. It remains slippery, making it impossible to get any grip. Its also messy and will mark the hands and clothing of anyone who comes into contact with it. This form of anti climb deterrent is widely used to protect wall surfaces which attract climbers. Its also used on poles and posts. Many churches and public buildings use anti climb paint to prevent thieves from reaching rooftops from which they might steal roofing lead and other materials.

Roller Barrier is a totally harmless but highly effective rotating anti climb barrier. The rotating Roller Barrier cups are too large to be gripped making it impossible for someone to climb over. But unlike some spiked anti climb barriers, there is no possibility of causing harm.

Plastic anti climb spikes are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some are particularly effective in keeping unwanted animals from trespassing where they are not welcome. Others mimic the appearance of nasty, metal anti climb spikes and therefore present a strong visual anti climb deterrent.

Metal anti climb spikes are often used in high security applications. They are available in a wide variety of designs but the common attribute is that they do present the risk of causing injury, which acts as a significant deterrent.

Anti climb fencing generally has apertures which are too small for fingers or toes and therefore can’t easily be climbed.

Take a look at our store where you will find tried, tested and widely trusted anti climb solutions.