Anti Climb Wall and Fence Topper Keeps Intruders Out and Pets In

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

Roller bars for fences and walls are a highly effective yet non-aggressive and harmless way to keep intruders at bay. The introduction of a rotating wall topper or fence topper is generally enough to protect perimeter boundary walls, fences and gates from unwanted climbers. An unstable, rotating barrier which is too large in diameter to be grasped by human hands is a much safer form of perimeter security than traditional, fence and wall spikes.

Roller Bars for Perimeter Security

Perimeter security has become a hot topic with many businesses and home owners now re-examining their security and how they prevent intruders. While well known, traditional forms of perimeter security, such as spiked wall and fence toppers, are recognised as effective many are seeking non-aggressive methods to keep both people and animals from intruding onto their properties.

Coyote rollers have become widely used to keep unwanted animals out of people’s yards while at the same time keeping their own pets safely within the yard. Non-aggressive, non-spikey rotating roller bars make it impossible for animals to gain a foothold so they are immediately prevented from climbing over a wall or fence.

Roller Barrier has been specifically designed to prevent humans from gaining a secure handhold in order to climb over a wall or fence. The rotating Roller Barrier cups are simply too large in diameter to be grasped by human hands. Roller Barrier also acts as an effective barrier to unwanted animal intruders and it will keep pets in their yard.

Roller Barrier Keeps Pets Safe

An example of how Roller Barrier has been effectively used to keep a pet dog safe and secure in his own back yard is the story of Zeus. Zeus is an energetic cross-breed dog who had absolutely no trouble in scaling the six foot garden wall around his yard. Once over the wall he would wander the streets, causing his owner a great deal of concern. She contacted us to ask what could be done to keep Zeus safe in his back yard.

Zeus the dog and six foot wall.

She was pleased to hear that the Dogs Trust had successfully installed Roller Barrier at one of their premises to deal with exactly the same problem.

So Roller Barrier was installed along the top of the perimeter walls and Zeus quickly discovered that he could no longer scale the walls and escape. The rotating Roller Barrier makes it impossible for Zeus to gain a secure foothold so he has learned that it’s a waste of time trying to overcome the barrier. His owner has been immensely pleased that she no longer needs to worry whether Zeus is safe and she doesn’t need to repeatedly go searching for him in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Roller Barrier is Safe for People and Animals

Roller bars are a recognised method for keeping unwanted animals from intruding into yards and gardens. Roller Barrier has been designed to be an ultra-safe yet highly effective anti climb barrier that keeps unwanted human and animal intruders out while enabling pets to roam safely in their yards without being able to easily scale the walls and fences.

Roller Barrier is manufactured in the UK by Insight Security.