Enhance Building Aesthetics with Downpipe Covers

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

The beneficial impact of beautiful architecture has been widely documented. Architects are highly aware of how considerately designed buildings with appealing aesthetics enhance the areas in which they are situated and engage those who live and work in them.

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy focused on the expression of beauty and taste, closely related to the philosophy of art. The aesthetic appeal of a building is influenced by its design, shape, size, texture colour, symmetry, proportion and more. While buildings must comply with standards for safety, practicality, durability and maintainability its also vitally important to recognise the importance of building aesthetics.

Importance of Visual Appeal

The appearance of commercial properties is an important aspect affecting how they are classified and valued. Physically attractive buildings located in desirable areas tend to be recognised as more appealing and more valuable than ugly commercial buildings in poor locations.

The external appearance of a commercial building creates a strong first impression with everyone visiting the establishment. In the context of business this is vitally important. If your company wants to make a great impression the appearance of the company headquarters is vitally important.

Similarly, the appearance of private homes affects both those who live in them as well as those visiting. We’ve all heard about the importance of what’s called ‘kerb appeal’ when selling a house. Properties that don’t have that magic kerb appeal tend to take longer to sell and don’t attract the highest asking prices.

How Downpipe Covers Improve Building Aesthetics

We’ve previously highlighted how our robust steel downpipe covers enhance security while protecting drainpipes and downpipes from potential damage

Unfortunately, the appearance of buildings isn’t enhanced by the exterior pipework necessary for drainage and plumbing. Covering this pipework with our steel downpipe covers not only prevents the pipes from being used by criminals to break in, it also significantly improves the building’s appearance.

Our galvanised downpipe covers are made from robust steel and available in either the plain galvanised metal finish or overpainted in black or white. They are easy to install with only basic tools and provide many years of reliable service. Importantly, once fitted they hide and protect ugly external pipework while making an immediate improvement to a building’s aesthetics. This makes commercial buildings look far more appealing and private homes look far smarter than their neighbours.

If you want to enhance the appearance of your building - take a look at our widely appreciated downpipe covers.