Non Aggressive Perimeter Security for Schools

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There have been many educational studies and research projects which have determined what many parents already know which is that, for students to get the most from their learning experiences, they need to feel safe and secure at school. A study conducted by the US National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments, for example, found that:

“physical safety is related to higher academic performance, fewer risky behaviors and lower dropout rates,”.

They go on to state that:

“Students who are not fearful or worried about their safety feel more connected to their school and care more about their educational experience.”

It’s therefore become a priority for parents, teachers and our educational establishments to ensure that schools and colleges are safe, secure and comfortable environments that are conducive to learning.

School Perimeter Security

Perimeter security and fencing around schools can sometimes prompt negative comments from some children and parents who associate fencing with the loss of freedom and even entrapment. But a secure school perimeter doesn’t need to make the premises look like a fortress and it will make a valuable contribution to student safety and security.

Inadequate perimeter security around school playgrounds, for example, can make children vulnerable. Schools have a duty of care toward their students and parents need to be confident that their youngsters are safe and secure when they are at school. One of the worst nightmares and fears of any parent is that their child might be abducted. Children are naturally trusting so they might be coerced or persuaded to go with strangers who simply tell them that they are there to pick them up.

roller barrier on school gates
Roller Barrier Protecting School Gates


Rigorous perimeter security that prevents unauthorised people from coming into contact with students is clearly essential.

Non Aggressive Perimeter Security

As well as keeping unwanted intruders out of schools an effective perimeter security system should keep the students inside without causing fear or potential harm. While aggressive looking, spiked anti-climb barriers are highly effective they are often considered unsuitable due to their appearance and the potential that students might harm themselves if they attempt to climb over. Since schools are responsible for the safety of the students in their care it’s vitally important that they don’t allow pupils to easily exit from the school grounds whenever they want to.

An optimal anti-climb perimeter security solution for schools is Roller Barrier. The Roller Barrier system can be retro-fitted to most walls and fences enabling the security provided by existing perimeters to be significantly enhanced. The non-aggressive appearance of Roller Barrier means that students will not feel like they are in what appears to be a high security prison. And the non-aggressive behaviour of the Roller Barrier system means that if someone attempts to climb over they will not harm themselves, which they might do on a spiked boundary.

Another key attribute of Roller Barrier that’s widely appreciated in school environments is that it can be used to prevent students from climbing on internal structures and equipment. Many schools have single storey buildings with flat rooftops which are often an irresistible attraction for youngsters. Similarly, there are often external equipment housings for fans, air conditioning units and other systems which can attract unwanted climbing attempts from children. Roller Barrier has already been successfully deployed in many schools to prevent children from accessing flat rooftops, climbing onto equipment housings or over internal school fencing.

Roller Barrier is Versatile, Low Cost and Highly Effective

As noted, the Roller Barrier system can be retro-fitted to most existing fences, walls, rooftops and elsewhere. The simple system design is highly versatile and totally customizable to specific needs and requirements. Another important point is that Roller Barrier is a low cost solution which means that budgets for school perimeter security will go a whole lot further.

Roller Barrier protecting school flat rooftops.
Roller Barrier Protecting School Flat Rooftops

Roller Barrier is manufactured in the UK by Insight Security. 

If you are seeking an effective perimeter security anti climb solution for schools, colleges and children’s playgrounds then Roller Barrier is the answer.