Property Security Priorities for 2024

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

During the Christmas holidays and new year we all like to reflect on the past year and look forward to what’s coming in 2024. Security, in our homes and workplaces, is something everyone needs to think about. Sadly, many people become crime victims simply by not paying attention to the basics of home and property security. Here are some key aspects of security that you should be considering.

Are Your Perimeters Secure?

If you are lucky enough to live or work in a detached property, surrounded by high walls and fences, you need to make certain your boundaries don’t present opportunities for criminals. Detached properties, especially those in remote areas that aren’t overlooked, can be particularly vulnerable so its worthwhile ensuring all gates, hedges, fences and walls are as secure as possible.

If your property is in suburban or urban areas you might share boundaries with neighbours. Its always a good idea to routinely check your boundary walls and fences to ensure they are well maintained and as secure as possible Thieves are always on the lookout for property that looks insecure so maintaining your boundaries sends a clear signal that you pay attention to security.

And if your property is in a shared environment, such as an apartment building, its a good idea to make certain all communal facilities and access routes are as secure as possible. And if there are any weaknesses such as worn or broken locks, make certain these are fixed.

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Are Your Doors and Windows Secure?

Police forces throughout the UK continuously remind people to make certain their doors and windows are locked and secure. The reason for these repeated warnings is that these are the most common routes used by burglars to gain entry into both homes and workplaces. 

Everybody can be forgetful, especially when rushed or under pressure. Its very easy to rush home from work without checking all the windows and doors have been closed and locked. And people will often leave their doors or windows unlocked while they ‘pop to the shops’. 

Its important to check and double check all doors and windows are locked and secure whenever there is nobody in the building - and at night times. And its a good idea to ensure high quality, robust locks are used on all doors and windows.

Do You Have Sensible Security Precautions in Place?

Home and property security devices and systems have become increasingly affordable in recent years. Motion triggered external lighting is a very simple security enhancement that’s known to put-off would-be house breakers. Criminals like to work unseen so a low cost PIR light can be enough to keep them away.

And simple CCTV cameras are another excellent security deterrent. Today’s cameras can be easily installed by anyone with basic DIY skills and some cameras can send alerts to mobile phones.

As already mentioned, making certain the locks on all doors and windows are high quality is an important precaution. And its important not to overlook outbuildings including garages and sheds. Also, pay attention to door and window hinges and frames. Burglars can recognise and exploit weaknesses and will often use whatever tools they can find, such as a garden spade, to pry open doors and windows.

Make Security a Priority in 2024

Ask anyone who has ever been targeted by criminals and they will tell you how upsetting the experience can be. The financial cost can be extremely serious and the emotional impact can be very difficult to handle. These are key reasons why its vital to pay attention to property security, both in the workplace and at home, to make certain you don't become a crime victim in 2024.