Stegastrip Anti Climb Spikes for Strong Visual Deterrence

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

While we are great advocates of the Roller Barrier non-aggressive anti climb solution we recognise that visually aggressive looking anti climb barriers are highly effective in many circumstances.

Spiked anti climb barriers provide a strong visual deterrent. Some, such as Razor Point and Razor Spike, are genuinely aggressive. They look nasty and if you’re an intruder trying to access a defended property you are likely to experience how aggressive they can be. But there are others, such as Prikla anti climb spikes, which look quite aggressive and will deter most animals from climbing on them, but in fact are harmless to humans.

We are pleased to offer the Stegastrip anti-climb rota-barrier system which presents a formidable visual deterrent in an unstable rotating barrier design that looks aggressive but will not cause harm to anyone coming into contact with it.

Stegastrip Design

The visual appearance of Stegastrip is a key factor in it’s anti-climb capability. Stegastrip spikes look like they are made from wrought iron, even close up. Whereas these spikes are manufactured from robust, weather and UV resistant, strengthened polypropylene. The clever angular, multispike design of Stegastrip makes it very difficult and painful to grab hold of but will not cause serious injury.

Another key design feature of Stegastrip is it’s versatility. Stegastrip anti climb spike strips feature a hinged base that enables the strips to be firmly attached to a variety of uneven surfaces, fences, walls, gate tops and along roofing edges. An important attribute of these Stegastrips is that by attaching them, back to back, they can then be mounted on specially designed support posts to form the Stegastrip rota-barrier. This system uses the same principle as Roller Barrier to present an unstable anti climb boundary that’s very difficult to overcome. The rota-barrier system also raises the height of protected boundary walls and fences.

DIY Stegastrip Installation

Another important Stegastrip design feature is that the system can be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills and a few simple tools. For static installation the 500mm lengths of Stegastrip are simply screwed into place. The supporting base is flexible enough to be shaped over curves and the hinge system allows the strips to be angled and installed along edges.

As noted, the rota-barrier system requires two 500mm strips, joined together to form a rotating section which is then mounted on two support pillars, which are attached to the protected boundary. Additional 500mm sections are added to create the required boundary length. And Stegastrip is easy to cut to specific lengths to ensure there are no gaps in the boundary protection.

Where Stegastrip is Used

The versatility of Stegastrip is demonstrated by the range of installations in which it has been highly successful.

One of our customers told us that he had encountered an intruder attempting to gain entry to his property by climbing over a side gate. He installed Stegastrip along the top of his gate and hasn’t been troubled by intruders ever since.

Another customer needed a visual anti climb deterrent to be installed along a newly installed fence so he chose Stegastrip. He reported that the system looks formidable and will clearly deter any opportunist criminals but isn’t harmful and will not cause any injury. He also reported that the installation was stopping cat intruders from coming into his garden to use it as a toilet, which was an added bonus.

Duty of Care

It’s worth remembering that all property owners and occupiers have a duty of care toward anyone who comes onto their property, including uninvited ‘guests’. While genuinely aggressive anti climb barriers can be highly effective they are not always the most appropriate solution. Aggressive anti climb spikes are most often employed around military sites, industrial sites, quarries and other similar situations. The Roller Barrier non-aggressive anti climb system is widely used and appreciated in situations where its important that the barrier is totally harmless and it mustn’t appear to be aggressive. Stegastrip falls in between these two systems. It looks aggressive and would be very uncomfortable to come into contact with, but will not cause serious injury. This makes Stegastrip highly appropriate for use in situations where a strong visual deterrent is needed but the potential to cause harm must be avoided.