Why a Non Aggressive Anti Climb Barrier is the Right Choice

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

Most people are familiar with spiked, aggressive looking anti climb perimeter security devices. They are a common feature around various establishments and installations such as electricity sub-station, MOD premises, prisons and other official properties. But there are many situations in which anti climb protection is needed, but spike based solutions simply wouldn’t be acceptable.

If someone injures themselves, attempting to climb over a spiked anti climb barrier, then the property owner or occupier can be liable for the injury. This is one of the primary reasons why a non-aggressive anti climb solution is the right choice.

Anti Climb Protection for Schools

Schools are just one example of premises that often need anti climb protection but obviously can’t risk causing injury to anyone who might attempt to breach the barrier.

Some schools attract unwanted visitors outside the school hours. In some cases, intruders are reported to have climbed into the school grounds to find somewhere to take drugs. In other reports, youngsters were regularly climbing onto the flat rooftops of school buildings where they caused damage to the roofing and put themselves at risk of injury.

Schools are highly aware that if a structure, wall or fence looks like it can be climbed then youngsters will inevitably give it a try. 

Roller Barrier Providing Safe Anti Climb Security

Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Looking after people in secure psychiatric facilities means the use of nasty looking, aggressive, anti climb spikes is totally inappropriate. What’s needed is a system that provides effective anti climb protection but doesn’t look threatening or aggressive.

Roller Barrier provides exactly what’s needed. When installed the system is minimally obtrusive and doesn’t look even vaguely aggressive or threatening. This is vitally important in situations where the mental health of patients is a primary consideration.

Prisons and Detention Centres

Prisons and detention centres obviously need to keep people inside, but they also need to acknowledge how some inmates are likely to attempt escape. While aggressive looking anti climb spikes present a strong visual deterrent, they also present the risk of causing injury to anyone who attempts to climb over them.

Roller Barrier is now extensively used around young offender institutes, detention centres and prisons. Its recognised as a reliable, effective anti climb barrier that keeps people inside and doesn’t injure anyone who might attempt to escape.

Public Parks and Railway Lines

The boundaries around publicly accessible spaces, such as parks, often need anti climb protection. For example, areas adjacent to railway lines need high fences and anti climb deterrence, to prevent people from putting themselves in danger on the railway lines.

Aggressive, spiked anti climb barriers would be the wrong choice in these situations due to the likelihood of causing injury. Roller Barrier is by far the best choice. The non-aggressive anti climb system is now widely deployed in all manner of public spaces, preventing access to adjacent areas where people might be in danger or are simply not allowed.

Private Homes and Property

Nasty looking, aggressive anti climb spikes around a private home immediately make the property look like a fortress. And using anti climb spikes to stop children from climbing onto garage rooftops has the potential to cause unnecessary injury.

Roller Barrier is now being used around many private homes, garages and other premises where its preventing intruders and stopping youngsters from causing rooftop mischief and possibly injuring themselves.

Low Level Anti Climb Protection

There are many situations in which anti climb protection is needed on structures below head height. Low walls, for example, are sometimes used as a foothold to climb over a higher fence, or gain access to a flat roof. And there are often pieces of external equipment, such as fan housings and air conditioning units, that need protection from damaging climbers.

Installing anti climb spikes on low level structures like these is out of the question due to the high likelihood someone will hurt themselves. Roller Barrier is the ideal solution, ensuring equipment and low level structures are well protected without risk of causing injury.

Non Aggressive Anti Climb Protection is the Best Choice

These are just some of the many situations in which Roller Barrier is providing robust, low maintenance anti climb protection without the chance of causing injury.

Commercial premises, businesses, industrial estates and municipal buildings are all adopting Roller Barrier as their favoured anti intruder solution. They and many others recognise the need for security without the risk of causing injury - so they’ve made the best choice in selecting the Roller Barrier solution.