Why You Need Roller Barrier - The Safe Anti Climb Solution

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There are many situations and circumstances in which we need to discourage and prevent people from climbing on our walls, fences and equipment. Perimeter security is just one common example where homeowners, business owners, schools, public buildings and many more establishments need to pay attention to their anti climb precautions. A typical solution adopted in many situations is the installation of security spikes for walls and fences. But anti climb spikes, although very effective, are not always the right choice.

Is it Legal to Use Anti Climb Spikes?

Most USA Homeowners associations and municipal laws prohibit the use of sharp fence spikes, barbed wire and razor wire. Most of the available anti-climb spike products for the USA have been purposely designed to look aggressive while not being overly sharp or dangerous. Before installing any anti climb spikes it’s recommended that you check with the relevant authorities. For example, in the the City of Tulsa barbed wire fencing is prohibited within 3 feet of a sidewalk.

An important point to note is that if a person injures themselves or maybe damages their clothing on your property due to something you have installed then you are liable for their injuries and any damage caused.

There are many examples in which burglars have sustained injury while engaged in their crimes and then subsequently sued the property owners. For example, in San Diego a burglar had climbed onto the roof of a high school gymnasium, fully equipped with bolt cutters and climbing equipment. As he walked across the rooftop toward a skylight he stepped onto a weak spot in the roof and fell through, dropping 3 stories onto the basketball court. He survived but sustained a broken back. He then went on to sue the school and although he admitted to the reason he was on the roof he was awarded over three million dollars along with all medical costs as the jury had determined there were inadequate warnings in place regarding the weak rooftop.

anti climb razor spikes

There are also very specific laws preventing people from setting traps that will potentially injure intruders such as shotguns in front of doorways that are configured to fire if an intruder enters. Booby traps like these are highly illegal.

The important point to keep in mind is that while it may be legal to use certain forms of anti climb spikes, if a person suffers injury or damage as a result then the property owner responsible for installing the spikes is likely to find themselves liable for the costs involved.

Ref: American Planning Association on Fences.

Non-Aggressive Anti Climb Devices

Barbed wire, razor wire and various spiked anti climb devices are clearly aggressive in both appearance and function. Anti climb devices like these are more typically used around highly sensitive sites such as military bases, correctional facilities, some industrial sites, quarries, mines and others. A barbed wire top might be allowed to be added to an open wire fence as long as the barbed wire is installed at a sufficiently safe height, usually above 8 feet. Regulations regarding the safety of fences are sometimes incorporated into a zoning ordinance provision on fences, so these should always be checked.

It’s important to be aware of other, non-aggressive anti climb devices which are highly effective yet present minimal or zero risk of causing injury or damage.

Anti Climb Paint

Anti climb paint is a highly effective anti climb precaution that is entirely not aggressive. It’s a form of non-drying paint that remains greasy and slippery.

anti climb paint warning signs

When painted onto a wall or on poles it makes it impossible for someone to get a grip. While it will not cause any physical harm it can cause a mess on people’s clothing which is why it most always be used at an appropriate height, away from where pedestrians on a sidewalk might come into contact.

Anti Climb Spinners

The basic principle of anti climb spinners is that they create an unstable, rotating barrier which makes it almost impossible for any intruder to get a grip and climb over.

anti climb spinners

There are many forms of anti climb spinner systems available today. Some present what look like aggressive, spiked barriers but which in fact are entirely harmless rotating fence, wall or gate toppers.

Anti Climb Warning Signs

People respond to signage so it makes sense to tell people when anti climb precautions are in place. If members of the public can possibly come into contact with an installed anti-climb precaution then It’s often a legal requirement to provide warnings.

anti climb warning signs

Prominently presenting anti-climb warning signs lets people know that security is taken very seriously and this is often enough to deter opportunist burglars and intruders.

Aggressive and Non-Aggressive Appearance

The style and appearance of anti-climb barriers is extremely important. As noted, fence and wall spikes tend to present an aggressive appearance, although many systems use blunt spikes or even plastic spikes which are almost harmless. The aggressive appearance of such systems is a key design feature that acts as a deterrent to many would-be climbers and intruders.

But there are many circumstances in which it’s necessary to introduce rigorous, effective anti-climb prevention measures that are non-aggressive in both the way they work and the way they look. A common example is around the perimeter of schools, playgrounds and children’s centers. Using nasty-looking spiked anti-climb devices would be entirely inappropriate as they could make the children feel like they are incarcerated in some form of prison, which would be completely unacceptable.

The same principle applies in establishments that deal with people who have mental health issues. There is often the need for effective perimeter security and precautions that prevent people from scaling walls and fences or climbing onto rooftops. Installing even a non-aggressive anti-climb barrier that presents an aggressive appearance would not be acceptable as the appearance could potentially trigger anxiety in some of the people inside the establishment. An anti climb solution that’s non-aggressive in both appearance and functionality is needed in these situations.

Similarly, parents will know how much children love to climb. And no matter how many times some children are told that they shouldn’t climb something they just keep on breaking the rules. Nasty looking, aggressive anti climb barriers are generally inappropriate for these circumstances which really need a far more sensitive anti-climb solution.

Anti Climb Roller Barrier

Roller Barrier is carefully designed to provide a highly effective anti climb barrier while not looking even slightly aggressive. It’s an anti-climb spinner system that’s purposely designed not to look like a spiked metal barrier. The rotating roller cups are too large in diameter for anyone to grasp, making it impossible for anyone to grab hold and climb over the barrier.

roller barrier installation

An important feature and application of Roller Barrier is that it’s not only a highly effective anti climb barrier for use along fences, walls and on top of gates. It’s also widely used to prevent climbing onto rooftops, shelters and exterior equipment that might otherwise attract unwanted attention from youngsters who will try to climb almost anything they come across.

Children’s play areas, schools, psychiatric treatment centers, hospitals and many other establishments have recognised the benefits that the Roller Barrier anti climb system provides.

The aesthetic appearance of Roller Barrier, which is available in a range of colors, enables the system to work with a wide variety of existing building designs. It’s a low cost system that’s easily installed and requires minimal maintenance.

Importantly, Roller Barrier is highly effective without being aggressive or harmful. If you are seeking a legal anti climb solution that’s non-aggressive in both appearance and function then Roller Barrier is the right system for you.

Roller Barrier is manufactured in the UK by Insight Security.