Why You Need to Protect Your Pole Mounted Equipment

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

Pole mounting is widely used for a variety of applications. But unfortunately, highly visible pole mounted equipment can be irresistibly attractive to miscreants intent on causing damage or stealing whatever they can see. In this post we look at the importance of protecting valuable pole mounted equipment.

What is Pole Mounting?

Pole mounting involves attaching equipment, signage or other items to poles or posts. We are all familiar with street lighting and roadside signage and we are increasingly seeing more examples of pole mounted equipment.

Pole mounting is used because it provides many advantages in various situations. For example, mounting lighting and signage in elevated positions on poles provides better coverage and increased visibility. Pole mounted CCTV cameras have a greater field of view and pole mounted antennae are less inhibited by obstructions.

Mounting equipment on poles also makes efficient use of limited space. Poles and posts don’t require a huge installation footprint so the ground space is left free for other uses. And mounting equipment on pole helps to make it secure and less likely to be tampered with, vandalised or stolen.

Pole mounting is also very flexible and adaptable. Poles can be readily located in optimum positions and pole heights chosen appropriately for the application. Equipment mounted on poles can be rotated or moved up or down to to achieve optimum performance.

What is Pole Mounting Used For?

Pole mounting is used for a huge variety of applications. Outdoor lighting is commonly mounted on poles and the increased popularity of outdoor LED lights has made pole mounting ideal for both the lights and their solar power sources.

CCTV security cameras are another example of equipment that’s typically mounted on poles. As security camera systems have become increasingly affordable many more properties are installing pole mounted systems to secure their premises. 

Aerials and antennae are also often beneficially mounted on poles to achieve the best performance. From TV antennae to 4G wireless and short range communications, poles play a vital role in maintaining reliable communications links.

Road signage is always mounted on poles as this helps ensure drivers can see the displayed warnings and messages from a distance. And poles are widely used to support other forms of signage, enabling the signs to be seen clearly.

Poles are also widely used to support decorative and aesthetic elements such as flags, banners and seasonal decorations. They are also used to support weather vanes and weather monitoring systems.

Smaller solar panels are also often mounted on poles. This allows the mounted solar panel to avoid falling into shadow and importantly keeps the panels safe and secure.

What Types of Poles are Used?

A wide variety of pole types are commonly used. Wooden poles and posts are very common, especially in rural areas and applications. Telegraph poles and overhead power line supports are common examples of robust wooden support poles. 

Steel and aluminium poles are also commonly used. Steel is particularly strong making steel poles very suitable for high load applications, such as mounting heavy electrical transformers. Aluminium is significantly lighter and is therefore used in applications where weight is an important consideration. Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion and aluminium poles are commonly used for smaller, light weight pieces of equipment, lighting and signage.

Concrete is also widely used for a variety of pole applications. Older style street lighting and utility poles used for phone lines and power distribution are often made from concrete. This type of robust pole is typically used for long-term, low maintenance applications.

How to Protect Pole Mounted Equipment

Pole mounted equipment, signage and decorative items are naturally highly visible. As such they inevitably attract the attention of vandals, thieves and adventurous climbers. People with criminal intent may think there is value in stealing pole mounted equipment such as solar panels, CCTV cameras, antennae or cabling. And vandals might be tempted to climb poles to simply spray paint their ‘tags’ onto mounted signage or show off to their friends.

There have been many cases in which valuable security cameras have been stolen from their mounting poles and significant damage caused by criminals stealing cabling and solar panels. There have also been cases in which decorative flags have been stolen from flag poles and important signage damaged by pole-climbing vandals.

These are important considerations for any pole mounted installation so steps must be taken to protect valuable pole mounted items and discourage people from putting themselves at risk by attempting to climb the poles.

Spiked pole collars provide an effective solution, widely used in many applications. Spiked pole collars are simply attached around mounting poles at a height that doesn’t present a risk to anyone at ground level. They are very easy to install, highly visible and instantly effective. 

A variety of pole collar designs are available to suit either round or square poles of various dimensions. They are also available for pipework protection where they are attached to the wall, preventing exterior pipework from being climbed. 

For any pole mounting application its important not to overlook the need for security. Luckily the solution is simple and highly effective.

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