Anti Climb Fencing with Roller Barrier

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

The Roller Barrier anti climb system is now extensively used around the world to provide perimeter security, protect property and prevent people from trespassing and climbing on apparatus and structures which need protection. Importantly, the Roller Barrier system achieves this essential protection without risk of causing injury to anyone who comes into contact with it.

Many forms of anti climb fencing exist but unfortunately some are not as effective as they ideally should be. While the fencing mesh dimensions may be small enough to prevent adult sized hands and feet from climbing it some forms of security fencing can still be climbed by children.

Here are a few examples of how Roller Barrier is being used to enhance the security provided by various forms of security fencing.

Wire Mesh Fencing with Roller Barrier

roller barrier above security fencing
Wire Mesh Security Fencing with Roller Barrier

Welded, galvanised steel wire mesh fencing is commonly used for security fences and security cages. Combined with steel box section supports, this form of security fencing is robust, strong and long lasting. But its a good example of wire fencing that can potentially be climbed by people with smaller hands and feet - children!

The image above shows how, with Roller Barrier installed along the top of the fence and gateway, any attempt to climb over the boundary is effectively and safely prevented. The Roller Barrier support brackets are bolted directly to the strong steel box sections and, as shown in the image, a vertical section of Roller Barrier was installed to prevent trespassers from climbing around the security barrier.

Large Format Mesh Fence Panels with Roller Barrier

large format mesh security fence with roller barrier
Mesh Security Fence Panels with Roller Barrier

The image above shows Roller Barrier installed to enhance security at a Pupil Referral Centre. While the dimensions of the large format mesh fence panels provide robust protection against adult intruders they didn’t stop youngsters from attempting to climb them.

To enhance security these fence panels were bolstered by installing 358 anti climb mesh covering the top 1 metre of these existing fence panels and deploying Roller Barrier along the top. 358 Mesh is sometimes called prison mesh or high-security mesh. Its a finger and foothold proof security welded mesh design that’s virtually impossible to climb. In combination with Roller Barrier along the top of the perimeter fencing this perimeter fencing has entirely prevented any further attempts to climb over.

Mesh Fencing with Roller Barrier Support

roller barrier with 1 metre supports
Mesh Security Fencing with Roller Barrier

One of the challenges that need to be overcome when enhancing existing mesh fencing with Roller Barrier is the requirement for support brackets. Support posts for wire mesh security fencing are generally too far apart to provide the level of robust support required by Roller Barrier. 

The image above shows how this was achieved by installing Roller Barrier support brackets at 1 metre intervals. These were mounted on the rigid mesh fencing by sandwiching the mesh between the brackets on one side and bracing plates on the other.

As can be seen, green coloured Roller Barrier was used to match the colour of the mesh fencing support posts and blend with the natural environment.

These examples demonstrate the versatility of the Roller Barrier anti climb system and how it can be used to provide non-aggressive, significant security enhancement to existing security fencing.