Bespoke Roller Barrier Installation Overcomes Hurdles

Posted by Tony Goldstone on

A recently completed Roller Barrier installation has demonstrated how a custom-designed support support system overcame some significant barriers.

A school was experiencing worrying problems due to people climbing onto their flat rooftops where they were putting themselves at risk and possibly causing damage to the roof structure. The school contacted their local authorities to get help in dealing with the problem and Insight Security was consulted regarding an appropriate anti climb solution.

Being a school environment a totally non-aggressive, harmless anti climb barrier was essential to ensure the safety of any students who might attempt to climb onto the roofs. It was clear that Roller Barrier was the best solution.

Roller Barrier protecting school flat rooftops
Roller Barrier Protecting Schools Flat Rooftops

When the school site was surveyed it was apparent that standard, off-the-shelf Roller Barrier could be readily installed to prevent climbing at many of the most popular climbing locations around the premises. But in some areas there were notable obstructions, including cabling and pipework, which prevented standard Roller Barrier support brackets from being used. Also, it wasn’t possible to attach standard Roller Barrier support brackets to the fascia  in some areas. 

Custom Installation Design

custom roller barrier mounting system overcomes obstacles
Custom Designed Roller Barrier Mounting Overcome Obstacles

The Insight Security design team devised an effective Roller Barrier installation solution which overcame both the rooftop obstacles and the mounting bracket challenges. A clever metal lattice system was designed which worked around the obstacles, firmly attaching to the robust upper storey building, providing the required Roller Barrier shaft support along the edges of the flat roofs where the brackets were fixed in place.

Double and Single Row Roller Barrier

single and double row roller barrier
Single and Double Row Roller Barrier

Both single and double row anti climb Roller Barrier was used around this site. While single row Roller Barrier provides effective anti climb protection in most areas, double row Roller Barrier provides a valuable height extension which further enhances the anti climb protection.

Immediate Beneficial Impact of Roller Barrier Installation

This Roller Barrier installation, like many others, was immediately effective. Intruders and students were no longer able to easily climb onto the flat roofs, putting themselves at risk of injury. Overall school safety and security has been significantly enhanced by this Roller Barrier installation which is reported to have completely stopped all attempts to climb onto the school buildings.