Google Street View Reveals Roller Barrier Reliability

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Google Earth is a great educational and research tool, quickly developing to become the most widely used and respected geographic information system (GIS) software available today. Launched in 2007, Google Street View is a feature of both Google Earth and Google Maps. Initially the facility was available for only a small number of cities in the United States but this rapidly expanded to provide street level panoramic views from cities, towns, villages and rural locations around the world.

In this post we have collated a collection of Google Street View images showing Roller Barrier installations carried out from as far back as 2008, demonstrating the reliability and long operational lifetime of this widely respected, non-aggressive anti climb barrier.

Anti Climb Protection for Brighton School Since 2008

The following Google Street View images show Roller Barrier installed at a Brighton School, in the UK, carried out in 2008. The school grounds were being used, out of hours, by people seeking a secluded space to take drugs. The school was facing a significant safety challenge due to the dangerous detritus they were leaving behind. Once installed, Roller Barrier immediately prevented any further unwanted incursions onto the school premises.

Brighton School Roller Barrier 2009
Roller Barrier protecting school perimeter and gates in 2009

The Street View image above shows the Roller Barrier installation in 2009, just one year after it was deployed. Double row Roller Barrier effectively increased the height of the perimeter wall and gates.

Brighton School Roller Barrier Protection in 2020 - 12 years on.
Roller Barrier 12 years after initial installation.

This next image shows the same installation in 2020, a full 12 years after initial deployment. While the Roller Cups show some signs of surface colour deterioration the anti climb protection remains entirely effective. Subsequent refinement of the Roller Cup material formulation has meant that this surface colour change doesn’t occur.

The school continues to be effectively and safely protected against unwanted intruders. As can be seen in this recent image, the Roller Barrier mounted above the school gates has become bowed a little due to repeated, unsuccessful intrusion attempts. Roller Barrier now uses a stronger, larger diameter central shaft.

Effective Anti Climb Protection for School Gates Since 2008

The non-aggressive functionality of Roller Barrier makes it a popular anti climb solution for schools, colleges and youth establishments. This next Google Street View image shows Roller Barrier installed on the top of a school’s gates in Nottingham, UK.

The school was having a problem with youngsters gaining access to the school grounds outside school hours. The premises are surrounded by a robust, 3 metre hight security fence but there are multiple access gates and youngsters were using these to climb into the school grounds. There was a high level of concern for their safety as they were climbing onto rooftops and sometimes causing damage.

School Gates protected with Roller Barrier in 2008
School Gate Climbing Prevented with Roller Barrier in 2008

This first Google Street View image shows Roller Barrier installed along the top of School Gates in 2008. Once installed the problem of youngsters climbing over the gates ceased immediately.

Street View Image of Roller Barrier in place in 2015
Street View Image Showing Roller Barrier in 2015

This next Street View image was derived in 2015 (most recent available), showing Roller Barrier continuing to provide effective yet safe and unobtrusive anti climb protection. The system remains in place today.

Rooftop Anti Climb Protection Since 2011

As noted, Roller Barrier is a popular anti climb solution for schools, colleges and youth centres. This youth centre was experiencing problems with youngsters climbing onto rooftops and putting themselves at risk.

Youth Centre Roller Barrier Installation installed in 2011 - image from 2019.
Roller Barrier at Youth Centre - Installed in 2011.

This Street View image was taken in 2019 showing Roller Barrier still in place and continuing to provide effective anti climb security, 8 years after initial deployment.

Commercial Premises Perimeter Security Since 2010

This next Street View image shows Roller Barrier installed along the perimeter wall of a Tesco Supermarket, originally carried out in 2010.

supermarket perimeter wall protected with Roller Barrier in 2010
Supermarket Site Perimeter Wall Protected with Roller Barrier in 2010.

The image was derived in 2017 and Roller Barrier continues to provide effective, non-aggressive anti climb protection today.

Unobtrusive Flat Roof Anti Climb Protection

An important consideration in many buildings that need anti climb protection is the aesthetic appearance of the anti climb barrier. Spiked anti climb barriers can unfortunately turn an architecturally attractive building into something resembling a fortress.

This next composite image shows two Street View images of a Bedford University Library and Community Centre building acquired both before and after Roller Barrier was installed. The first Street View image shows the building just before Roller Barrier installation in 2016 and the second was derived in 2018.

unobtrusive Roller Barrier protecting university flat roof.
Roller Barrier Unobtrusively Protecting University Flat Rooftops.

The property was experiencing problems with climbers getting onto the flat rooftops, risking injury to themselves and causing expensive damage. Roller Barrier was chosen because it is highly effective in defending flat roofs against unwanted intruders. The anti climb system was quickly and easily installed along the roof edges and immediately stopped any further incursions.

These images demonstrate how unobtrusive the Roller Barrier system is and how it blends almost invisibly with the University building structure. Roller Barrier continues to provide totally effective, highly reliable anti climb protection at this site and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Roller Barrier Provides Long Term, Reliable Anti Climb Protection

This collection of Google Street View images are only a small selection from the many long-term Roller Barrier installations that are continuing to provide reliable, non-aggressive anti climb protection in a wide variety of situations including hospitals, prisons, correctional facilities, community centres, public buildings, parks and more.