Roller Barrier Shipping for USA Correctional Installations

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Ensuring both prisoners and staff are kept safe and secure in USA correctional facilities is a primary requirement. Corrections agencies are required to exercise their duty-of-care by taking every necessary precaution to keep people safe and secure. With over 2.3 million people locked up in state prisons, federal prisons, local jails and elsewhere, ensuring safety and security is clearly an enormous challenge.

Climbing Risk

One of the many challenges faced by prison staff and those who work in correctional institutes is the risk caused by climbing. If structures exist which can be climbed then sooner or later they will be. Prisoners will climb onto flat rooftops, equipment housings or onto ledges where they can put themselves and others at risk as well as causing expensive damage. Prison officers and corrections officers then face the challenge of safely getting prisoners down from whatever they have climbed which is often an expensive and laborious process. The far better option is climbing prevention.

Non-Aggressive Anti-Climb Precautions

While there are many ways in which unwanted climbing can be prevented it’s essential, in prison and corrections environments, that the method used is totally non-aggressive and non-harmful. This means that spiked anti climb devices, which can potentially cause injury, are widely considered to be unsuitable in prisons, as are other forms of aggressive anti-climb barrier.

What’s needed is a non-aggressive anti climb barrier that’s versatile, adaptable and scalable so that it can be easily deployed to work in a multitude of situations. Roller Barrier meets all of these requirements - and more!

Roller Barrier at Canadian Young Offenders Institute
Roller Barrier Prevents Climbing at Young Offenders Institute


Roller Barrier is already used in UK prisons and elsewhere, including various secure psychiatric hospitals and Canadian youth offenders institute. The system is widely appreciated for its simplicity and effectiveness in preventing unwanted climbing. Furthermore, it doesn’t present a nasty looking, aggressive appearance and is totally unobtrusive so it doesn’t provoke anxiety or stress.

Roller Barrier - Retro Installation

An important Roller Barrier capability is that it can be installed in places where other forms of anti-climb barrier simply wouldn’t work. This means that retro-installation of this highly effective anti climb barrier is generally possible both internally and externally.

Exterior equipment, air conditioning and fan housings, for example, can be readily protected from climbers using Roller Barrier. Flat rooftops can also attract unwanted climbers but Roller Barrier can be easily installed along the rooftop edges to prevent access. And internal structures and ledges which might otherwise attract unwanted climbers can be readily protected.

Roller Barrier Saves Expense

As previously noted, when inmates and prisoners climb onto structures they put themselves at risk of injury, they may cause costly damage, they might injure others and the cost involved in getting them down can be astronomical. Roller Barrier not only avoids the risk of injury, it prevents costly damage and avoids the expense involved in getting climbers down safely.

USA Correctional Facility Deployment

Roller Barrier is now being shipped from the UK, where it’s manufactured, to the USA where the anti-climb system is being installed in a number of correctional institutes. Manufacturing is carried out to extremely high standards using high quality materials and components, stringently inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Ease of installation is a key attribute that makes the system ideal for deployment in and around existing correctional facilities. Installation can generally be carried out swiftly with minimal impact on existing structures.

In the following images you can see a recent Roller Barrier consignment from the UK being prepared for shipment to the USA where it will be installed in various correctional facilities where we are confident it will keep people safe and secure while making savings for the correctional authorities.

roller barrier cups being carefully packed
Packing Roller Barrier Components
shipping container with roller barrier components
Shipping Container with Roller Barrier Components
shipping container with roller barrier off to the USA
Shipping Container off to the USA