Vanguard Rotating Anti-climb Guard Shaft Joining Spigot

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The Vanguard Rotating Anti-climb Guard Joining Spigot is used to join two central shafts together, allowing the user to form a continuous run of anti-climb barrier of any length required.


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The Vanguard Joining Spigot is manufactured from aluminium and takes the form of a “C” shaped tubelike compression spring.

To install the unit one end of the spigot is compressed (i.e. with mole grips), and the spigot is inserted into the end of one of the Central Shaft tubes and pushed home until approximately half its length is within the tube (forming a secure interference fit), and half protruding.

The exposed end of the spigot is then compressed with the grips and inserted into the end of the extension shaft tube. The tubes are then pushed together to force the exposed spigot fully into the extension shaft.

The compression Spigot used with our Vanguard Anti-climb system is 125mm (5″) in length, to ensure that there is plenty of length inserted into each tube end (with typically around 60mm of inserted grip in each tube end).

Some other similar systems rely on a plastic plug to join two shafts together – relying on just 25mm of ribbed plastic in the end of each tube to hold the shaft tubes together!

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